Score your MEPs!

How has your MEP voted on interests you care about?

The elections for the European Parliament are going to take place across Europe between 22 and 25 May. We’re making it easier for you to find out how politicians in Brussels voted on issues that affect Europe’s future:

Which parties have supported action on climate change? How did your representative in the EU vote on fracking? Who wants GM crops and who doesn’t? How did MEPs vote on arms trade and militarisation?

ScoreEP puts a number, out of 100, on your representative’s support or opposition to these issues.

The climate change section was created by EU citizens at a "hack-day" inspired by the climate scorecards created by CAN Europe, whilst Friends of the Earth Europe has examined votes on fracking and GM crops. Votes on arms trade and militarisation were examined by Vredesactie and Campagne tegen Wapenhandel – click here for more information on the project.

Ask new candidate MEPs to pledge to work for citizens and democracy, rather than profit: